Bill DesautelsWhen I sat down for the Vermont Real Estate exam as a teenager, never could I have known where this would all lead.  I slowly got my real estate career off the ground, which was hard to do for a shy 18 year old.  An 18 year old with no car, a mouth full of braces and no proper business clothes.  I watched Tom Hopkins videos over and over, chose my geo farm area and started the painful door knocking.  I was petrified but pressed on.  With increasing sales I became recognized as a go to person to get the job done.  Sales rose each and every year, to a point where I eventually received every award level within the REMAX organization.  Starting with Executive Club, to 100% Club, Platinum, Chairman’s Club, Diamond Club and more recently the Circle Of Legends.  I have been the president of our state CRS Chapter, president of our MLS, named Realtor of the year, featured in the REMAX book, and been a guest presenter for REMAX.


Some 35 years later I have sold nearly 3300 homes, mostly in little ole Vermont.  Having earned REMAX’s coveted Circle of Legends Award, for consistent production all these years, I have a history of success when it comes to sales.  In addition I have led my team through all types of markets from boom to bust, we always come out at the top of the pack.  As the owner of a productive REMAX office I have trained some of the best of the best and created an environment that grows agents into the leaders in our industry.


Perhaps the work I am most proud of is my advocacy for affordable housing and the work I have done for land trusts throughout the United States.  My belief is that anyone that wants to buy a home needs to be given every opportunity to do so, Land Trusts have provide such stepping stones for hundreds of thousands of folks throughout our great country.


As for me as a person, I have a passion for travel, in fact in 1988 I took a year off from real estate and backpacked around the world.  Staying in youth hostels was interesting, but I must say travel allowed me to walk through life with my eyes wide open.  I am also an avid reader, mostly business, rather common that I have 5 or 6 books going at once.  For me I am always learning, and fill up on the latest Tony Robbins or Brendon Burchard are teaching.  Love the energy.  Speaking of energy I lifts weights with my trainer, run each morning with my black lab Elsie.  Adore the country, but more of a city slicker, thus in addition to my Vermont home I have places in Montreal and Fort Lauderdale.  No skiing for me.  So that is a small glimpse into who I am and where my career has lead.

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