Are You Going On a Showing Appointment or a Selling Appointment?


Expectations are funny things. When your brain hears certain words, it works towards delivering outcomes in line with those words.

The other day, I was conducting my weekly team meeting and I asked my four buyers specialists if any of them were working with buyers. Two of them said they were indeed, in fact they were going out to show them homes that afternoon. It occurred to me that was the likely result they would get, an afternoon of showings. Rather than thinking that they were going out to sell a buyer their new home, they were simply talking about showing them a home. I wanted to pull what little hair I have right out!

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What’s Next, Your Real Estate Clients Want to Know

One of the challenges with a real estate agent that has been in the business for some time is that they not only speak real estate jargon, but they also they forget how anxious buyers and sellers are to hear what is happening next. For clients, this is one of the biggest decisions they are making, and we, the agents, often act like they are bothering us with all their questions and concerns.

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Are You a Pop Tart Agent?

Pop Tart Agent

We can be so quick to jump at any showing request, before really knowing about the buyer and their qualifications. Take the time to develop a connection and you’ll better manage your time and become more successful.

Book Review: The Energy Bus

Review: The Energy Bus

I love parables such as Paul Coelho’s “Alchemist” and “Aleph” and who can forget “Who Moved My Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson MD. One of my favorites is a wonderful and impactful little tale of a man named George and the day he got a flat tire. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon shares the 10 rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with positive Energy.

It is an easy read, for most it would take just an hour or so, for me I like to linger awhile with his message such as how to get energy vampires off your bus. As we walk through life, especially our working hours we don’t always get to choose whom we will interact with. But to such a large extent we do get to control whether they suck the life out of us or pour good energy our way.

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The World Doesn’t Need a Vanna White of Real Estate

What if you treated every buyer like they were going to buy a million dollar home … in cash … this weekend?

I know a lot of REALTORS® work their butts off to obtain success in the business. But I also know even more agents that spend more time socializing than they do perfecting their craft of selling real estate. It’s easy to discount the value of a buyer, especially if you have been burned a few times. I just question how much value do you bring to the process if you aren’t fully prepared.

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Book Review: Little Red Book of Selling

Review: Little Red Book of SellingJeffrey Gitomer has written a whole series of books to help salespeople sell more. Most of the titles start with the word ‘Little’, but let me assure you his message and delivery will make a huge impact on your sales ability and the thickness of your wallet. I think his books warrant mandatory reading for any organization that wants their marketing dollars to be converted to bottom line sales.

One of my favorites is “Little Red Book of Sales ANSWERS.” I turn to it on a regular basis and reread it all the time. (In fact, like the Bible, it too has a little red ribbon to mark the page you don’t want to forget!)

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